Yes, your favourite women’s gym has a crèche!

Mums, we know how difficult it is to carve a few ‘me time’ minutes out of your day when you have little ones that demand your every moment. As much as we love our kids, we also need some space. Hitting the gym is a great way to soak up those much-needed alone moments; a time when you can recharge and get charged up with a workout.  

As a women’s only gym, we knew from day one that a purpose-built crèche was absolutely crucial. We want to support our mum-members as much as possible, and our crèche is just one of the ways we do that.  

Your child will love going to the gym as much as you do!

Both Sista Fitness locations have a safe and secure crèche. You can leave your child confidently, knowing they’re in good and capable hands. Our staff are friendly, our space is clean, and your child is welcomed into a supportive, fun environment by wonderful carers who are genuinely excited to see them. 

What’s on offer at Sista Fitness crèche.

We’ve created dynamic play environments that invite exploration and ignite curiosities. Our range of fun and engaging activities includes games, audio-visual entertainment, arts and crafts, puzzles, books, and play equipment. Rather than just “babysit” your children, our team gets involved with playtime and learning. They’re telling stories, building towers, and playing trains right alongside your children for a fun, inclusive experience.  

Crèche FAQs.

To keep Sista Fitness crèche running smoothly, we do have a few elements for mums to consider. Here are some of our commonly asked questions that should help you feel informed.  

The crèche is open Monday – Friday, 9:00am 12:00pm. Our Midland gym crèche is also open on Saturdays from 7:30 – 11:00am. Crèche sessions run twice daily from Monday to Saturday, with a maximum booking time of 90 minutes (heaps of time for a solid workout!). 

We have a range of different pricing options to best suit your needs:

Single session = $6

5x Pack = $25

10x pack = $45

20x Pack = $85

50x Pack = $199

Yes, since our crèche is not open during all gym hours, it’s important that you book in. This not only ensures there’s a place for your child, but helps us cater to the exact number of children in the room with the right staff-to-child ratio. 

Crèche bookings can be made via the Sista Fitness App or website up to 48 hours in advance. Please note, bookings for Saturday crèche sessions (Midland only) can only be made in your club or over the phone. 

Should your child not be attending a crèche booking for any reason, we kindly ask that you cancel your booking via the app or contact reception as soon as possible. 

No — you must remain within the facility at all times so you can tend to your child’s needs (if required). For example, if your child is extremely upset, can’t be settled by a carer, requires feeding, or needs a nappy change, it’s important that we can find you in the gym quickly. 

As tempting as it might be to quickly nip out for an errand, this is simply not permitted. Crèche is for members to utilise while they’re at Sista Fitness only.  

No, our staff don’t bottle feed babies or change any nappies. However, we will give children on solids a snack and drink (if you provide one) and escort them to the bathroom if they’re toilet trained.  

You’re welcome to bring a fruit snack — only fruit is permitted in the crèche. A piece of fruit cut up in a container with your child’s name is ideal. Please note, our crèche is a strictly nut-free zone. You should also bring a name-labelled water bottle. 

We encourage children to bring their special toy or other comfort item. This helps them feel secure, especially if they’re new to the crèche. You’ll also need to bring a change of clothes (for toilet accidents) and spare nappies. If your child needs to have their clothes or nappy changed, we’ll ask you to come back to the crèche to do this.  

It’s really important that you label everything and ensure all personal items are packed in your child’s bag when you leave so you don’t lose them.  

Yes, health and safety are extremely important to us. Children must be immunised according to the schedule and guidelines outlined by the Australian Government Department of Health. Parents are required to provide a copy of their child’s immunisation record upon enrolment and provide updated information as further immunisation is required.  

We ask that your child stays home if they’re unwell. Should they show or develop symptoms of sickness while at the crèche (runny nose, fever, cough, rash, etc.) you’ll be asked to collect them immediately. 

If your child isn’t sick but requires medication during the time they’re in crèche (e.g. a daily antihistamine or probiotic), staff are unable to do this for you. You’ll need to come and dose them at the appropriate time. 

We’d love to support your fitness journey!

If you’re not already a member, please explore our membership options so you can work out while your child enjoys our crèche. If you’re already a member but haven’t utilised our wonderful crèche yet, you can book your child in through the app. Or, next time you’re in, ask reception to view the crèche facilities.