Tips for keeping balanced over the Christmas holidays

The holiday season is here! For many people, that also means a jam-packed schedule of family events, work-dos, friendly BBQs, stress-fueled Christmas shopping, and more. Ah, such a joyous time.  

At Sista Fitness, we know many of our gym-goers begin to feel anxious during this time. Perhaps you’re the same. That’s perfectly normal — the thought of losing that healthy lifestyle you’ve worked hard for is a daunting one. Rather than come down on you hard about staying committed and doubling down on your routine, we’re actually going to tell you to sit back and relax.  

You can stay healthy and motivated without sticking to a regular exercise schedule. The Christmas holidays are fleeting, and you’ll be back to your usual routine in no time. Until then, here’s some refreshing fitness advice for the holiday period.  

Set realistic expectations.

We’re starting with a cover-all tip — set realistic expectations. Your diet will probably slip, you’ll miss a few gym days, and you’ll sleep in more than usual. That’s perfectly okay! It’s super important to set realistic expectations for the holiday period so you’re not riddled with guilt when you should be all warm and fuzzy with festive feelings. Now’s the time to relax and enjoy being with family and friends.  

Practically, this means you might go to the gym two or three times a week in December and January, compared to your usual five times. You might stop your intermittent fasting during this time, cut down on the protein shakes, or replace some of your water intake with a little prosecco… If you have a PT, ask them to help you lower your expectations for this short time while still staying healthy. 

Eat all the good holiday food.

The December – January period isn’t the time to be exploring a new diet or making your current one stricter. Take a breather and eat all the things you’ve been looking forward to this Christmas. Remember, a Christmas diet isn’t forever — eat those carbs and get stuffed with merry treats as you go back for seconds (and even thirds). A few days of “bad” eating and extra calories won’t undo all the hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym — we promise! 

Move your body (the best you can).

Whilst we do encourage dedicated gym-goers to strip their usual regimes back, we’re not saying you should stop completely. For your physical and mental health, it’s important to stay active. Don’t push yourself too hard or set any goals, just try to engage in some kind of exercise.  

This could be as simple as a brisk (or leisurely) walk or casual beach swim instead of your usual high-intensity spin class. At Sista Fitness, we see a lot of members swapping out more intense workouts for yoga or Pilates over the Christmas break. 

Move with Sista Fitness this Christmas

Need some Christmas fitness motivation in an encouraging environment? As a women’s-only gym, we offer a safe and supportive gym atmosphere. Being December, now’s the perfect time to make a slow start to your gym membership by taking it easy until the Christmas period is over. Join the Sistahood from just $20.95 a week.