Team Members

Maggie Carroll


Maggie is the heart and soul of Sista Fitness and embodies all that we are and what we stand for.

She is encouraging, inspiring and always available to provide members with the care and support they need; both inside and outside our clubs. Over the years, Maggie has been involved in all areas of Sista Fitness, from overseeing the organisation’s operations, to answering the phone at reception desk. She has spent time personal training some of our clients, looking after their children at creche and many a time has been mistaken for our cleaner!!

Today, her main focus is on Group Fitness Classes, where she oversees and manages our weekly timetable (juggling over 130 classes per week!!) But it doesn’t stop there for our “Super Sista”, who also instructs multiple classes a week including RPM, Metafit and Bodypump.

And it goes far and beyond our four walls.

When Maggie isn’t at Sista Fitness, she is training for her next marathon. When she isn’t running through the streets of Perth, she’s coaching one of our Sista Fitness Netball Teams! And she even manages to still fit in wife life, mum life, home life and a social life!

Tegan Bowen

Gym Floor Team Leader: Morley

Emma Dalle

Admin Team Leader: Morley

Taylah Wilkinson

Personal Trainer

Jasmyn Fullgrabe

Personal Trainer

Alisha Kara

Personal Trainer

Emily Contarino

Personal Trainer

Rhiannon Goodman

Personal Trainer

Christine Bongers

Personal Trainer

Julia Pritchard

Personal Trainer

Cat Pinto


Bella Lau

Personal Trainer

Laura Woodward

Personal Trainer