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Beautiful And Inspirational Words From Our
Valued Members

Jess Sista Fitness Midland

This is a fantastic gym!! Hands down, it is the best choice I’ve made for myself and by far the best facility of it's kind in Perth. The experience and energy of the gym is amazing and I haven't hesitated to recommend it to anyone that will listen!

Courtney Sista Fitness Morley

I always look forward to my workouts at Sista Fitness - it’s so clean, modern and the staff are supportive and friendly. My daughter has been attending crèche since she was 5 months old and Kirsty is wonderful with her (my daughter even called her mum the other day!). Thank you Sista fitness

Hayley Sista Fitness Midland

I was too unmotivated and embarrassed to go to the gym and worried about being judged for being overweight but a friend convinced me to give Sista Fitness a go on a trial membership and it has been amazing. The staff and instructors are so welcoming and positive and it is such a great environment to be welcomed into. Initially I found the choice and variety of equipment overwhelming but I have been slowly building my confidence with classes and have even started doing my own workouts. So happy I've found Sista Fitness!

Kendall Sista Fitness Midland

I've been coming to Sista Fitness for years, and I appreciate the relaxed atmosphere of a women's only gym. I love seeing women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities feel comfortable working out at their own pace. I find the front office staff warm and helpful, and the personal trainers are skilled and careful with their clients.

Sonya Sista Fitness Midland

Great to have a high quality, fully functional, professional gym available to women only. Staff are fabulous and I actually enjoy going to the gym.... who would have thought it!

Stacey Sista Fitness Midland

I’ve been going to Sista Fitness for nearly a year now and it has been such a saving grace for me! As a full time working mum, it has become my sanctuary for ‘me time’. All the staff are so welcoming and have such a passion for health and the well-being of all women and are incredibly knowledgeable in all things fitness. I Love being part of the Sista-hood!!

Debra Sista Fitness Midland

I have been at Sista fitness for 2 years now and the only regret I have is that I didn't join years ago. They have the most amazing, positive, passionate, supportive staff & trainers who I cant speak highly enough. The facilities are 5 star!!! I highly recommend this gym for any lady who wants to improve there health or well being in any way. Love this place!!!

Kloe Sista Fitness Midland

Best gym I've ever been a member of! Everyone is so happy and friendly, the range of different classes and gym equipment is amazing. Highly recommend!

Hajra Sista Fitness Morley

As a member, this is a great gym for ladies to enjoy the comfort of being in a female only environment. The group fitness classes are amazing and really effective, I've been a member for almost 4 years now. It's clean and the equipment and bathrooms are always maintained well. Good on Maggie the owner for coming up with such a wonderful gym. For religious reasons, I can comfortably remove my veil and exercise without a hassle!

Caroline Sista Fitness Morley

Hands down the best gym I have ever gone to! I’ve had memberships with all the normal big gyms and never enjoyed working out and therefore never saw results... then Sista Fitness came along! I’ve been a member since the gym opened in Morley and it was the best decision I ever made! Maggie and her team are so supportive, offer excellent classes and have some incredible PT offers if you are looking for that little extra push... if you join the Sista Fitness family I guarantee you will not regret it!!

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