Tour de Sista Fitness

Channel your inner cyclist this July!

To celebrate the 2023 Tour de France, we’re adding extra RPM classes to our virtual timetable.

In the 110th edition of the French Grand Tour, 176 of the world’s most elite cyclists will traverse 3,404km across scenic (and gruelling) European hillsides.

Starting on July 1 in Bilbao, Spain, and concluding at the Champs-Elysees in Paris, France, on July 23, there are 21 stages of the Tour, including eight flat stages, eight mountain stages, four hilly stages and one time trial.

This year teases a third battle between defending champion Jonas Vingegaard of Denmark and two-time champion Tadej Pogacar of Slovenia.

So, get into the spirit of the Tour and challenge yourself with our added RPM classes.


What are RPM classes?

RPM (or ‘spin’) classes replicate the experience of outdoor cycling in a controlled indoor environment.

RPM stands for ‘rotations per minute’ and, essentially, that’s all a class is. All you technically need to do is push the pedals in a loop for 45 minutes.

However, that doesn’t really capture the physical challenge they can be. Through a guided series of hill climbs, sprints and flats, RPM classes blend steady-state and high-intensity cardio for the ultimate fat-burning workout.

Combined with good music and an enthusiastic instructor, they’re a fun and dynamic way to get your heart pumping.


Benefits of RPM classes

While we think it’s best to jump in and try a class for yourself, below are just some of the reasons RPM classes have become such a popular fitness workout:


Full body workout

RPM classes are more than pedalling; they’re a full-body workout that targets your core, arms and shoulders, as well as strengthening your legs and glutes. Coupled with some good tunes and guided by our motivating instructors, you’ll be pushed to your limits in a fun and engaging environment.


Calorie burning

If you’re after a highly efficient way to burn calories, RPM classes are the way to go. An intense RPM class burns an average of 500 calories in just 45 minutes, making it a great choice for those working towards fat loss goals.


Low impact

Unlike many forms of high-intensity exercise, RPM classes are kind on your joints. This makes them suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and ages. Pedal at your own pace and gradually increase your speed and resistance as your fitness improves.


Cardio health

By attending RPM classes regularly, you can significantly boost your cardiovascular health. They increase your heart rate, improve blood circulation and can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Mental strength

RPM classes are physically and mentally demanding. Just when you think you’ve hit your limit, you’ve got to dig deeper and keep going. This very challenge is what feels so rewarding after class (when those endorphins hit) and what builds mental resilience, an important quality both in and out of the gym.


A few tips for beginners

  • Take it easy at first! Focus on getting a feel for the class and your own fitness level before ramping up the intensity.
  • Once you get the flow of it, you’ll be able to pick when to really push yourself.
  • To up the intensity, up your speed and/or the resistance.
  • Wear your usual workout gear and don’t forget to bring a towel and water bottle.


Reserve your bike!

As pro cyclists race through the scenic landscapes of France, challenge yourself alongside them in your own fitness journey. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or complete newbie, our expanded RPM class schedule will give you every opportunity to embrace the spirit of the Tour this July.
Class bookings are essential, so be sure to reserve your spot via the online member portal or Sista Fitness app.