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Sista Lifestyle Challenge — 4 Week Competition

You may have heard the old saying “it takes a minimum of 21 days to form a new habit”. It takes consistent, conscious effort, a lot of hard work, and a good pinch of self-control, but you can start the road to lifestyle change in just three weeks! We’re here to help you get kickstarted forming your new habits to create your new, healthier lifestyle – all while giving you the chance to win our prizes valued at over $1500!

We’re using this 21-day cycle to challenge our members (and non-members) to revolutionise the way they stay fit and healthy. In fact, we’re giving you seven extra days to really cement those new wellness patterns, so this challenge will happen over a four-week period.

Are you up for a challenge?

Here’s what you need to know…


This four-week challenge costs $199 for non-members, and $10 for existing members (or $50 to include upgrades).


Entrants can start their four weeks from 10th October to the 6th November.


Competition entrants must attend their Sista Fitness Gym four days a week over the four-week period to go into the draw to win prizes. What you do on each of those four days to reinvent your lifestyle is up to you. For example, you might decide to start your day earlier and get your workout in at 6:00am instead of 8:00am, drink two liters of water during your workout instead of one, or push yourself with an extra set. Just make sure to check-in with your key fob each time so we have a record of when you attended. And don’t forget, we’ll be with you at every step for support, motivation and encouragement!


$1,500 and will be drawn at the members x-mas party on the 11th December.

Click the link below to join the lifestyle challenge!