WA State Government Restrictions from 31st January 2022

In line with the recent WA State Government announcement, new restrictions will come into effect from 31 January 2022 concerning mandatory double COVID vaccination to attend indoor fitness facilities.

How to gain access from 31 January 2022 onwards:

Through your member profile on your Sista Fitness App, please upload your Vaccination Certificate for verification by a Sista Fitness Staff Member.

If you currently have a medical exemption, we will need to sight an approved exemption document as per the WA Government guidelines. 

Will my access be blocked if I don’t upload my vaccination record?

From 31 January 2022, all members that have not uploaded their vaccination certificate will be automatically prevented from accessing our facilities.

What if I have received one vaccination?

As per WA State Government mandate, individuals may not enter indoor fitness facilities without double vaccination.

New Members & External Contractors

Sista Fitness still welcomes new members and enquiries during this time! Please note that vaccination evidence will be required from all contractors, staff, guests, recruitment activity and delivery agents that attend our facilities from 31 January 2022.

Alternative options to help our members:

We understand your right to exercise choice. Because of factors outside of your control, we do not want to lose you as a valued member, as we are hopeful of a return to some sense of normality in time, albeit with Covid in our Community.

Membership Suspensions

We are offering custom membership holds for up to 6 months for our unvaccinated membership base. This will allow time for the broader community to understand in more detail what living with Covid looks like. In the event the situation is similar in 6 months’ time, Sista Fitness reserves the right to offer an extension of the hold initial memberships hold. The standard membership suspension policy and hold fee will apply.

We are endeavouring to provide solutions for our members who do not wish to stop their training:

Outdoor Training

We have leased an outdoor parkland for 12 months to provide outdoor training options for both vaccinated and unvaccinated members, plus provide employment opportunity for our employees who have chosen to remain unvaccinated.

If you are interested in ‘outdoor training’, please register your interest with our admin teams or contacts via email midland@sistafitness.com.au or morley@sistafitness.com.au or call 6311 5544. This information is important so that we can understand the interest to build a program to cater for the correct number of attendees.
There will be no cost to members who choose to keep their membership active and casual rates will apply to all others in attendance. This activity will be available for females only, consistent with all other service offerings from Sista Fitness.

Online Training

We are in process of recording new group fitness classes for members to access remotely. Our primary focus is on wellness classes with limited equipment however we will be looking build on the suite of exercise options.

As always, we will try to deliver the programs with the usual flare and personality with the instructors you are familiar with.

Our digital and outdoor training programs are in development, more information is to follow.
Vaccinated members will also be able to access these options if they choose.

Additional Support Staff

We will also be adding additional staff to help members in the week preceding and post 31 January to help members who are having trouble uploading their records or require any assistance regarding their membership.


We appreciate your co-operation and understanding during these unprecedented and uncertain times. Your Sista Fitness team is here to help.

Team Sista x