Tips for working out during Ramadan

While practicing Ramadan, it’s important to focus on hydration, diet and moving the body to keep healthy. It’s possible to still workout and exercise, but make sure to amend workouts and fuel your body properly. We have compiled some tips and recommendations based on expert advice below. 


Prior to Ramadan: 

  • It’s important to reduce caffeine and sugar intake leading up to Ramadan, to reduce cravings and coffee withdrawal symptoms. 

Suhoor (Morning Meals): 

  • Opt for protein rich foods, fibre and carbs are the best way to go. Think fruits and vegetables, oats, yoghurt, whole-grain breads and cereals. 

Iftar (Evening Meals): 

  • It’s important to break the fast with water and hydrating foods. Some dates before your meal are great too. 
  • Make sure to fill up on proteins, healthy fats and carbs to keep energised for the next day. 
  • Avoiding sweet treats after iftar, and opting for fruits and yoghurt instead. 
  • Take electrolytes at night to help with hydration, and avoid fizzy drinks as these will dehydrate you quickly. 

Choosing Classes 

Group Fitness Classes are great as group environments can often be more motivating and fun, booking in keeps you accountable, and you also have the support of a trained instructor. Lower intensity classes are best.  

Remember to go for lighter weights or use bodyweight, and select shorter classes. You can always ask your instructor for alterations if needed. 

Lighter Intensity Classes: Bodybalance, Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Yoga 

Moderate Intensity Classes: Zumba and dance workouts, RPM (Spin), BodyPump 


Some tips for keeping active  

  • Avoid high-intensity training 
  • Try and work out as close as possible to iftar (evening meal) 
  • Sleep well. This will help your mental focus to overcome thirst and hunger 
  • Focus on mobility, flexibility and core training 
  • Share your goals with friends, family and Sista Staff to help keep you accountable 
  • Listen to your body. It’s okay to take a day off! 


Need some support? 

We offer membership holds for a $10 charge, with 24 hrs notice required. Please contact reception for more information. 

Nutritionist: You can reach Alisha from Ark Wellbeing at alisha@arkwellbeing.com.au 

Personal Trainers: Available at each club. Contact reception to book in a session or find out more.