5 Exercises to get your legs ‘Race Day Ready’

Every year, the Spring Racing Carnival is a highly anticipated event on calendars across the nation. There’s nothing better than getting dolled up and spending a day on the green with family, friends and fellow Race goers!

Speaking of fashion on the fields, we know there’s nothing more exciting than putting together your dream race day outfit.

In 2021, fashion commentators believe that bright colours and a-line cut dresses will be popular choices for women in attendance.

With those trends in mind, you may be wondering how we can help you look your best?

Traditionally most race day skirts and dresses will sit on or below the knee, leaving your calves on show.

At Sista Fitness, there are a handful of calf-focused exercises that you can either do alone or in a group class, to further enhance your race day look.

Incline Walk

There are numerous benefits to incline walking; one of those is muscle building.

Walking on an incline increases leg muscle activation, stimulating the muscles of the calves, along with your hamstrings and glutes. 

To get the most out of this exercise, find a pace and incline that you’re able to sustain over a longer period of time.


Seated calf raises

If you prefer a weight-based exercise, then seated calf raises are a great option.

Of course, there are the obvious benefits of strengthening and growing your calf muscles but there are added health benefits. Calf raises can help prevent shin splints.

This exercise can be done using dumbbells or on our seated calf raise machine on the gym floor.


Standing single leg calf raises

Ready to move on from seated calf raises? Why not try single leg calf raises!

These are a great way to work on building your calf muscles and also improving your balance and stability… That will come in handy when walking around in heels all day!

Beginners may like to complete the exercise standing next to a wall to provide extra support and balance. If you want to challenge yourself a little further, you can add some weight by holding a weight plate up against your chest.

Jump Squats

Now here’s an exercise that will work your calves, thighs and butt while also elevating your heart rate!

Keep in mind that Jump Squats are a physically demanding exercise and we only recommend doing them if you are comfortable.


Sled Push

Finally, the “mother” of all exercises.

Sled Pushes will work every area of your body; calves included. There’s no special trick with these ones. Simply load a challenging amount of weight onto the sled and feel the burn.

You’ll most likely find sled pushes during our functional classes such as S45 and Sista Active. If you’re new to the exercise, we suggest completing them in a class setting or with a PT to begin with.