Meet Amanda Kate – holistic lifestyle and empowerment coach.

Tell us a little bit about your background and personal journey with mindset.

Where do I start! Growing up, I never really felt like I belonged. That I was funny enough, smart enough, pretty enough. I was always the extroverted, funny girl who thought this was how she got noticed. Making people laugh and moulding myself to “fit the crowd” was my way of feeling accepted and worthy, by my friends and by my family. I used to try SO hard to be liked and when things maybe didn’t go to plan, my mind believed that it was definitely because “there was something WRONG with ME”

My journey of self discovery started as soon as I left school and I started to carve my own path and this took me down the road of some huge low points in my early adult years. A concerning addictive relationship with food and exercise. It was a vicious cycle, thinking that maybe if I looked a certain way, my happiness and self confidence would suddenly appear. Years of this behavior turned into severe body dysmorphia, an eating disorder and impact on my mental and emotional health.

After a year of soul searching abroad (because I thought running away would solve everything) I returned with a burning desire to really get to know myself. I landed the most amazing job within my career at the time, which supported me in my personal growth and led me to further my learning in the health and fitness industry and personal development. I let go of a decade-long relationship that was not serving me, toxic friendships and began to work hard on my mindset, letting go of the past, negative beliefs and those unhealthy addictive and disordered behaviors.

I am now happily married, a Mum of two with a balanced and healthy relationship with my body, food and movement and I am living my passion of facilitating and supporting women through their self healing and discovery.

My inner journey began with self acceptance. I began to commit to healing and nurturing my inner emotional home just as much as I was nurturing my body and relationships. I started to reflect on who I was and who I wanted to be and as soon as I started listening and nurturing my inner world, my life changed. My journey, the highs and the lows, have taught me many lessons and I will continue to learn and grow and allow my challenges to lead me forward instead of hold me back.

How did you get into life coaching? What sparked your interest?

My career started in the beauty industry over 12 years ago helping women escape from their world to a place where they felt beautiful, nurtured and accepted. I quickly found that my clients felt safe to open up to me to share more about how they felt about themselves and their bodies, often talking about their life challenges etc.

I started to realise that so many (myself included) simply craved more inner self belief, confidence and self worth. I was determined to find out how I could help.

Inspired to find the answers to my own body image struggles, eating disorder and terrible body dysmorphia that depleted my self confidence, self worth and self esteem I became a personal trainer and coach and started my own business dedicated to supporting women to nourish their bodies with movement and nutrition within a community that was focused on education and self empowerment.

I quickly realised something was still missing. No matter the result I was helping women achieve, 25kg lighter, leaner, stronger bodies, fitter and healthier, achieving their physical goals, they still didn’t feel enough, confident or positive about themselves.

This expressed even further to me that what lies beneath is where the magic to true transformation lies and led me on the journey of further study. I had to know how to help women (and myself) on a deeper level. I now coach women to break through the past and the roadblocks that keep them from achieving and having what they want. I blend the powerful tools of Health and Fitness Coaching, NLP Master Mindset Caching, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy along with lived experience to support women on their journey to feeling amazing from the inside out.

I am so passionate about human psychology and the unconscious mind and teaching women just how much power they have in transforming and healing past traumas, anxiety and depression, relationships, self worth and confidence, body image, achieving goals, purpose and direction and so much more.

I will never stop learning and expanding my tool belt to support women in any way I can.

What can people expect from Sista Circles?

Sista Circles are a fantastic way to dip your toe into personal development and self growth in a nurturing group environment. These circles are a beautiful way to connect with other like minded women and be guided with the inner self care we all crave. You can expect to reconnect with yourself, learn powerful tools and strategies to overcome challenges, step into your power and feel emotionally and energetically recharged. You will walk away with mindset shifts, a tool box of self care and mindset strategies you can implement yourself, new connections and a heart full!

You can share as much or as little as you like, but most of all you will feel connected, seen and empowered! There will be journalling, meditations, hypnotherapy, breathwork, activities, sharing, visualiations and more!

What are three reasons why people should join the Sista Circle?

1) You will learn so much about yourself and how to master your mindset to overcome challenges mentally, emotionally and physically

2) Because your mindset/psychology is the foundation of which your health and happiness behaviors are built upon

3) Self care is a mind and body experience and you deserve to feel empowered, calm and nurtured from within – this is a great opportunity to fill up your cup


If you could give the Sista Community one tip, what would it be?

Ohhhh this is hard to pick one tip but the most powerful tip I could give is to support your mental and emotional health and wellbeing just as much as your physical health and wellbeing.

We have the greatest super power which is the ability to decide how we think and feel and what we hold onto from the past, once we master this super power we are able to truly optimise and master our health and happiness.