Reformer Pilates

Looking to add a spring into your Pilates workout? Then why not try Reformer Pilates!

Reformer is similar yet quite different to mat based Pilates; the the biggest difference is that it is done using the Reformer beds.

There is also an increase in the repertoire of exercises and degree of difficulty thanks to the varying levels of resistance.

Although the basic movements are the same, the Reformer beds, straps and springs add many layers onto your workout.

Reformer Pilates is a full body workout that is aimed to shape and tone your muscles, whilst still concentrating on activating and strengthening your core. It also focuses on breathwork and balance.

It only takes a handful of sessions before you’re hooked!

Ready to take the leap into the world of Reformer? Try it today at Sista Fitness.


Casual Class: $40 per session

Memberships (no lock in contract, minimum two-month commitment):

  • One Class: $20 per week
  • Two Classes: $33 per week
  • Three Classes: $40 per week

For member upgrade pricing, please contact us today. Reformer Pilates is exclusive to Sista Fitness Midland.

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